There Must be a Blue Moon Out Tonight~

Dear Life,
Thank you for reminding why I love NEWS so much.
Sorry for neglecting them for so long.
Seeing them again was like an epiphany & it brought back nice memories.
I remembered how great it was to fill out the scrapbook @ lunch w/ my girls.
Introducing ourselves to new talents & men~♥ Really enjoying ourselves~
I know I'm making this sound a LOT cheesier than it was, but it was still pretty cheesy.
Once again, they've made me smile :'D

P.S. Since when did Koyama get so hot?!

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Oh My.

I miss LJ =[
What happened to the love? 
I'll post all about "college life" soon. [it aint that great]



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SO it's officially 2 weeks before spring break!
And that means it's 2 weeks before I go to Korea!!!♥  >:D

I've decided I'm not going to school the last 2 days before so I can accustom myself to Korean time. 0_0
I might die of jet lag....

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[Mar. 22, 2009]

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It's literally been forever since I post.
I hate myself for always registerin to websites & then abandoning them.
It's like littering somehow.

So, for the record, I've been busy.
I have nite school again unfortunately.
We dont even do anything, the teacher lets us do wutever.

In film class were working on our Music Videos.
Unfortunately, my actor is an epik fail & NEVER has time! I'm mad at him.
So now I'll be handing in a half-assed video when I had a beautiful image of it.

It snowed again last night, I'm honestly SICK of snow & this weather!
It gets so warm & hits the 40s, (which by now feel like 60 to Chicagoans) & the next day it plummets again!

My friend is doing her MV to Epik High's 'Fan' & that kind of started me on Epik High.
I can now say I'm a fan.

I'm going to Korea for spring break.
Gotta say I'm grateful to Jin. He's the one that got me the chance to go =]
So I'm practicing my Korean now.

That's what's been going on.
It's now recorded in my life journal, lol. =P

[Mar. 2nd; 2:36 p.m.]


I-Day, X-Mas, & New Years

So! Two whole holidays have passed since I last posted! o_o
Mainly, for X-Mas, I went to the cousins house & they had a billion presents for ppl. under their tree.
I got a cute vest ^_^ and a wallet.
Unfortunately that's ALL I got. =( Not to be greedy, but I had been theowin it out there every single day that I wanted a laptop!
I got $100. See thats not so bad. Except everythin I want has to be imported & costs about $60! 0_o
I just end up wastin it on useless junk when I get $$ as a gift, so I dont really like getting it.
Kinda dissapointing.

New Years
We stayed home and my uncles and cousins came over. It was ok. Less boring than I thought it'd be. We kept textin each other lame stuff  =] Then we started to dance but after two songs they had to leave >=[
Overall the food was good & it was ok, lol

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Music + Home Alone = ♥♥♥

Hello there.
So after a weekend of non-stop rain, flooded neighborhoods, bus re-routes, & EVACUATIONS in CHICAGO, I can only say that I hope everyone in Texas is ok. I truly hope everyone is safe.

Other than that, I'd also like to share what I did yesterday to celebrate NEWS' 5th Anniversary!
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Other than that, today was a good day. Slowly getting better.
And in a moment of realization, it's so cliché, but I wanna say

"Live life to the fullest everyone!" Don't waste days watchin life pass you by. Have fun, make friends, be happy!
Cuz life can go in an instant.

                                          R.I.P. Joho Hiroyuki. I didn't know you, but I know you will be missed terribly.

[6:48 p.m.]


The Senior in Me Is Takin Over

Yea so Im sick, which I hate...
just thought I'd stop by to make a quick post. ^_^
It's basically just me complainin...partially cuz im sick, but mostly because Im getting annoyed.

All I do is
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Um, so its longer than I thought. x_x lol
I needed to vent I guess, so I'll have a more Fangirl-ish post later on, lol.
And that meme.
About the 'Happy Birthday' PV, I really thought it was cute ^_^. Could've had a lil more depth.
Details in the future? xP

[5:08 P.M.]