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A Place Away From Reality

Hey! My name's Vanesa (w/ one S)
People have actually told me I spelled MY name wrong...0_o
I'm a very happy-go-lucky person.
I like to keep my attitude positive and optimistic, so of course, I'm very friendly. :D

I love foreign languages and culture. My native language is Spanish but I speak fluent English as well. I am currently studying French & Mandarin Chinese in school. I hope to take Japanese & Korean in college.

My current obsession is J-Pop group ♥NEWS!♥ [<--Mega-hotties!]
I'll be honest, I'm still a kid @ ♥
I will always love Disney movies, Cartoons, and the Power Rangers.
I get deep into it...accept me for it cuz I love it :)

I AM 18 though, so it's not like I act like a kid all the time, lol
I will always help anyone who is in need.

That's the basics :)